About us

Our Mission

To make the creation of conversational AI chatbots easy and accessible for everyone.

Our approach

Create, train, edit and improve your bot through a simple iterative process

 • Create and gather conversation examples

 • Train the chatbot on the examples using end-to-end machine learning

• Test and provide feedback to the bot to learn and improve from
Your data and examples drive the bot’s understanding and decision making, no complicated algorithms or decision trees that only engineer can create. 

Contextual dialogue – always learning and improving

 A great chatbot is designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner
• Our bots use and remember the information they understands during a conversation.
• You can always train and expand the bot’s knowledge to cover more topics and tasks. 
• Our platform supports multiple skills, languages and characters per bot.

Leverage data to drive smarter AI

Dialogbot.AI learns from examples of dialogues how to engage with your audience. Our data-driven approach provides end-to-end solution across tasks such as customer support automation, media, games & entertainment and more.

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